Barbecue Crumbs

The way we approach cooking, ingredients and instruments. Certainly not the only one but this is the way the Barktenders do.

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Spice Compatibility


Matching Spices and Herbs One of the nicest things about Barbecue is that it has an infinitely and surprisingly larger panorama than it would…

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5 Badass Hamburgers


When the Gourmet Hamburger is not needed We do not always fully realize it but it happens very often that our way of eating is influenced by fashion….

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My World of Sauces


My Best Sauces for Barbecue and Grilling In the past posts we enjoyed playing practically a bit with all the existing seasoning tools: rub, marinade, injections, brine and glaze. Only sauces miss to…

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Barbecue Dish Out


Presenting at the best the Barbecue Dishes Each of us has his own strengths that inevitably tends to highlight, side by side with his own weaknesses, with…

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The Flavored Salt 2.0


Flavoring Salt from Wet ingredients The world of salt is very fascinating and in the past we have also tried to tell the experience…

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The Butter Bourguignon


8 Flavored Butter for Dinner Imagine being in New York, getting into one of the sophisticated Manhattan Steakhouse and ordering a succulent Prime Rib….

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The Barbecue Party Punch


Punch Low Cost for your Cook Out Good or bad in the history of every griller there is a passage ritual that is almost impossible to…

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Italian Cheese Dip


The Cheese Dip with our Cheeses There are things that enter your life one gram at a time. You notice it, you realize it….

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Alternative Smoking


Knowing Alternative Woods Perhaps I’ve already said it on other occasions: the world of smoking is perhaps my favorite facet among the thousand that the…