Barbecue Competitions

The competitions The Barktenders Barbecue Team attend all over Europe and United States, sport scores and the tale of all the emotions we lived

Bardo Q 2

Our Bardo Q II


The Report of the Competition in Bardonecchia It’s already been a year. They look like they’ve flown but it’s already been 12 months since the first…

War of Barbecue

Our War of Barbecue


The Report of the Competition in Noventa  di Piave By now they’re events that in this year turn one hundred years of history and that therefore risk…

Meat Smoke and Beer

Our Meat Smoke and Beer on Ice


The Report of the Competition in Weissensee In these years of competitions we have seen barbecue to explode in Europe and multiply exponentially the number…

West Ini



The Report from the Competition in Riva di Tures The last flashes of light of the day and a pungent cold in free fall with…

Post Pork Memories

Pork Memories


Our season in Pork Category Good but not very well. We could thus end our 2017 season in the Pork category, using a quote on…

Post Calendario 2018

The Competition Calendar 2018


Season 2018: Guide for Use Also this year the winter break finally comes to an end. The competition of last October in Tàllya, scored the last stage of…

Tallya 2

Our Tàllya Master Series


Report of the Competition in Hungary It’s been a very long season, started at last january at West but as it often happens even to the most…

Post BBQ Open

Our Slovenia BBQ Open


The Report of the Competition from Zbilje BBQ Open was the first KCBS competition in Slovenia and one of the most comfortable event for us Italians,…

Black Forest

Our Black Forest II


Report of the Competition in Bad Bellingen This year’s Black Forest was particularly awaited. The competition has grown considerably, reaching nearly 50 teams at the stage…