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Post Chicken Wings

7 Rubs for 7 Wings


What’s the best Style for Chicken Wings? If you are not a rookie griller you will have definitely tried to take off some chicken wings from your smoker….

Post Pollo Fritto

The Fried Chicken, not Fried


One More Technique for the Fried Effetc If you remember, we already wrote a post about the Fried Effect on barbecue. In truth, this do not represent…

Post Butcher Paper

The Wet Cap Technique


Improve Butcher Paper Performance A few months ago we had a comparison of the results in most used wrapping methods. There was a substantial parity, where…

Post Prefreezing

Trying the Prefreezing


The steakhouse effect in 45 minutes Today, few will remember it, but the first to talk about steak stealing directly from the freezer had been…

Curva Salamoia

The Brine Curve


How do a Brine work truly? Recently we talked together about injections introducing the fascinating world of seasoning, the set of tools available to…