Inspirations for the Grill

Cues for having fun on the grill, quick and easy or more elaborate recipes, proposed in a pleasant and informal way

Post Cherry Sauce

My Secret Cherry Sauce


My favorite Barbecue Sauce Recipe I state that in the complex and sometimes singular genome that composes my taste buds, there is probably a…

Post Stinco nel Fieno

Veal shank in the hay


The Shin in its most Bucolic Version The world of smoking has always fascinated me so much, you know very well. I like the…

Post Prosciutto Affumicato

The Smoked Ham


A Rediscovered Ancestral Dish There are dishes that are double-stranded with the concept of cooking with fire heat. Dishes that fortunately will never be able to…

Post Tonno Affumicato

Cold Smoked Tuna


Citrus and Cognac Scented Cold Smoked Salmon is now a great classic among Italian grillers and I was amazed at how many accesses received…

Post Duquatridge

The Duquatridge


The Gourmet version of Turducken The barbecue culture is soaked in America to the marrow and it is inevitable that it is so. In the process…

Post Ricotta Affumicata

Planked Ricotta


with Grilled Pears and Ginger Sauce Do they happens you too those times when you arrange with a couple of friends for throwing on the grill a…

Bottarga Copertina

The Barbecue Bottarga


A Refined Barbecue Seasoning The world of high cuisine, that of the famous Chefs and the multistarred restaurants, irrespective of the undisputed technical quality of…

Post Whole Hog

The Mini Whole Hog


The traditional Whole Hog in a family version Let’s imagine writing a list of traditional American barbecue dishes, those that identify the gastronomic culture of…

Post Cracklings

The Cracklings Sticks


American Style “ciccioli” “Cracklings” is one of the many onomatopoeic names used in English, or those words whose sound already evokes their meaning, such as…