Inspirations for the Grill

Cues for having fun on the grill, quick and easy or more elaborate recipes, proposed in a pleasant and informal way

Bottarga Copertina

The Barbecue Bottarga


A Refined Barbecue Seasoning The world of high cuisine, that of the famous Chefs and the multistarred restaurants, irrespective of the undisputed technical quality of…

Post Whole Hog

The Mini Whole Hog


The traditional Whole Hog in a family version Let’s imagine writing a list of traditional American barbecue dishes, those that identify the gastronomic culture of…

Post Cracklings

The Cracklings Sticks


American Style “ciccioli” “Cracklings” is one of the many onomatopoeic names used in English, or those words whose sound already evokes their meaning, such as…

Pulled Salmon Sandwich

The Pulled Salmon Sandwich


Salmon and Barbecue in a Sandwich There is nothing to do, in the imagination of everyone, the word “Barbecue” almost automatically associates images of Ribs,…

Smoked Almond

Le Smoked Almonds


The Ideal Snack for the Griller We Middle-land Griller, divided between the naked and raw Q, the authentic American and the gourmet grilling, aimed…

Pastrami Facile

The Easy Pastrami


Cooking a Pastrami in a few hours Have you ever tasted the Pastrami? Is fantastic. It’s like a beef ham, soft, misty, tasty. Between two slices…

Pork Burnt Ends

Pork Burnt Ends


The Burnt Ends in Swine Version Do you know the Brisket, the famous BBQ texan-based BBQ dish? If the answer is to be negative, my…


Cuba Libre Beef Jerky


Rum and Cola Jerky You know Cuba Libre, right?  It means “Free Cuba” and it’s a cocktail created at the beginning of last century on the…

Speck Anatra

Duck Speck


Cold Smoked Duck Breast With this recipe I think I have discovered something new about cold smoking. I have always liked it and in…