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Post Spider Steak

The Spider Steak


A New Steak Cut to be Tried I have already said it many times: in a relatively new gastronomic sector like that of the…

Post Castagne

Chestnuts and Barbecue


The Best Method for Perfect Chestnuts Comparing the years we are experiencing with those of three decades ago is very difficult without falling into the…

Post Boston Butt

Anatomy of a Boston Butt


Disrupt a Pork as in Competition If we are talking about traditional barbecue preparations, those that are the subject of a competition, and if you love…

Post Affum Gas

Smoking with Gas


Methods to Get the Best Who has been in the barbecue world for  time enough to remember the gas devices with lava rocks? Today…

Post Rest

The role of Rest


The Rest step: When needed and Why Many of the barbecue’s contact points with traditional cuisine are still characterized by that mystic mystery shadow, which…