A Customised Catering Service

The concretion of the word Barbecue into collective imagination usually restrict itself to a rustic unpretentious campfire. It’s unavoidable that the biggest satisfaction in barbecue catering is watching sitosideporchettathe surprised look of people who is for the first time in front of the thousand facets that this magical word is able to take on. Live Fire cooking is an alternative form of cuisine, perfectly interchangeable with each other one, blamed to  a background spot and which the diversification of our offer to customers aims at giving back its lost dignity to.

From a raffinate “on tips of fork” marriage based on finger grills and elegant dishes to an alternative party centered on gourmet burger or on america streetfood symbols . 7dd2d1ca-3168-4f42-9da0-29f93e5158afFrom a precious business diner based on grilled fois gras and american Black Angus or Australian Tess Black Angus entrecôte, to a friendly bacchanal to the tune of american barbecue dishes, with no forgetting the delicious national porchetta and all the things you would never imagine: smoked cocktails, grilled fruit salad, soft desserts, limits are given just from creativity.

Years of experience in the Barbecue Catering Service, and in the management of public establishments, expert barmans, AIS graduate Sommeliers, ONAF graduate Tasters: the wide  experience into the branch and the variegated specific competence make The Barktenders your ideal partner for realizing your grill event in a unique and incredibly customized way. If you’d like to celebrate and you want do it standing out, we probably are the right solution for you.


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